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18/08/2016 -- Byron - 'Quintessential Romantic'

If you’re familiar with the term ‘Cavalier Servente’... ...more

18/07/2016 -- 'Small' - Not Always Perfectly Formed

For over a thousand years and as recently as the 1950’s in some rural areas of China, albeit outlawed in 1911; female children had their feet broken and bound tightly for the purpose of creating a human version of nature’s lotus bud. ...more

18/06/2016 -- A Forbidden Book - Doctor Zhivago

Most of us have seen the film, but how many of us are familiar with the controversy surrounding the original book? It came as a surprise to me that a regular newsletter from one of my favourite book sellers would lead me to redefine my understanding of Doctor Zhivago, forever! ...more

18/05/2016 -- Italians in Orkney - Churchill's Prisoners

On a recent trip to Orkney I took the unusual step, for me, of looking inside a place of worship. My love of all things Italian led me inside The Italian Chapel located at Lambholm. It was built by, perhaps, one of the most famous Italian Prisoners of War sent to the island and he is remembered with great affection by local Orcadians. But how did this Italian come to be there and why? ...more